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Black Friday is Almost Here! November 25, 2009

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It’s almost here, the dreaded Black Friday. A day of intensive shopping, madness, sales and chaos. Watching the news this morning I was surprised to hear that some department stores were opening at as early as midnight and 3 am! I know stores usually open early at 5 and 6 am, but this is just crazy! Some stores are even open on Thanksgiving Day and extending their hours on both Thursday and Friday. Personally, I wouldn’t wake up this early but stores are going to be indeed packed with customers all eager to get money saving deals on appliances, electronics and toys.

I just hope people remember last years horrible incident at Wal-Mart in Long Island, where an employee was trampled to death by a swarm of crazed customers. I hope that those planning on waking up early to go shopping remember to be courteous and respectful of other customers, so that we don’t see another fatality this year.

Black Friday info allows you to create shopping lists and find deals online on items that you are looking for. There are also Black Friday updates and deals on twitter with almost 3000 followers. At, you can scroll through all the deals from featured stores like Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Sears. There are also some amazing deals online at Amazon and big time retailer Wal-Mart, but be careful because some items might end up on backorder or out of stock. Apple also plans on having its biggest sale of the year this Friday and extending their store hours.

Early predictions are indicating that Black Friday sales will be very good, even during the current recession and unemployment hardships. A new survey indicates that 134 million people plan to shop on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. That’s much more shoppers compared to last year. Many department stores are still hiring additional staff for the holiday season and expecting more shoppers to turn out.

I know one thing and that is that I plan to stay at home on Black Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting deals and saving money but for me all the chaos and hassle is just not worth it. I might take advantage of some online deals but I most definitely will not be waking up at 4 am!

To all of you heading out on Black Friday, good luck and stay safe!


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